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hello friends

this is just to let you know that I’ll be pretty much gone the entire month of June? i’m leaving tomorrow to go to yellowstone and the tetons and hang with bears and then later in the month i’m going to be working at a summer camp! !

I’ve been hoarding art posts in my drafts so mollie is on duty to be posting those while i’m gone!! it’s not a lot but it’s gonna be some art so ?? i’ll finally have an art-only blog for like a month

but yeah just a heads up that I won’t be posting and I won’t be on, except for like 3 days in the middle of june!!!! so yes

hopefully you enjoy all the dumb art and i’ll be back for good in july!!!!!

psa over

  1. soglideaway said: MADDY I LOVE YOU I WILL MISS YOU HAVE FUN OK?!?
  2. tellittoreadersdigest said: THAT SOUNDS SO GREAT :D have fun!!
  3. eltsia said: HAVE FUN!!!
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